Luna Rosa Reserve™ succeeds to elevate flower gifting to a luxurious and lasting experience. These real roses last about a year, in fact. 

Perfect for birthdays, weddings and any special occasions, Luna Rosa Reserve has real, long-life roses that last for about a year, solving the problem of fresh cut roses wilting in a week or less. “We have the perfect luxury gift item for anyone who loves flowers,” says Michael Gregg, Director of Retail Operations and co-founder of Luna Rosa Reserve, along with his wife, Deborah. “When we discovered that real roses could last so long, we knew we had found something exciting that we could put our unique stamp on.” Their Luxury Reserve™ roses are grown in the volcanic region in the mountains of Ecuador. They are nurtured, matured and preserved to maintain their original form and texture, using an ancient all-natural method. A proprietary process, using a patented solution that mixes with the sap of the fresh flowers, extends their just-cut appeal for about a year, maintenance free. These specially produced roses, keep their soft, supple and vibrant beauty, without water or refrigeration. This multi-disciplinary husband and wife team worked together on every aspect of the company, including the visual aspect of the brand. Michael, an industrial designer, created the vase design for the upscale, modern client. Deborah, a graphic designer, creates the vase surface designs. Michael adds, “We wanted our product to be ready to display in a home, office, or any number of commercial environments, meaning the roses come with the vase that it is meant to be displayed in. This care-free aspect makes it easier to enjoy. Additionally, we are able to customize the vase surfaces for a number of special occasions, such as a wedding, shower, significant birthday, benefit or corporate event. The possiblities are endless.” The roses are available in a wide range of rich colors and stunning vase selections.  

“We work closely with our clients to deliver the luxury experience of our brand that they deserve,” said Deborah Gregg, Director of Client Experience, “We understand the value placed on expressing affection and appreciation. For this reason, each custom rose arrangement regardless of size or pricepoint, comes with a ribbon-wrapped gift portfolio encasing a custom gift card, congratulations letter with hand-stamped packing date and simple instuctions for care.” Gregg continues, ““Hands down, our elegant presentation is without compromise, offering lucky recipients a luxe gift that lasts far beyond the intended occasion.” These stunning arrangements are ideal for those looking for unique gift items that communicate luxury or a business who makes regular flower purchases. Corporate clients save significant money because they no longer have to buy fresh flowers every few days, eliminating the need to water and maintain them, making this an ideal investment.  

View the entire collection at Like Luna Rosa Reserve on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram at @LunaRosaReserve and Twitter at @LunaRosaReserve. Each custom arrangement is available for hand delivery to our local community or to ship nationwide in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. 

About Luna Rosa Reserve™ 

Based in Coral Springs, Florida, Luna Rosa Reserve™ based on the principle that true love never fades, providing lasting beauty for many moons. Our Luxury Reserve™ roses are 100% ethically sourced from the volcanic region in the mountains of Ecuador, producer of the world’s finest roses. 


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