How To Care For Your Luxury Reserve™ Roses

Our Luxury Reserve™ roses, raised in the mountains of Ecuador, are real roses which last about a year if you follow these simple instructions below. Your roses are happiest when the are in a dry and cool environment. Water, humidity and sunlight will cause damage to the roses. 

1. DO NOT water your roses.

2. Keep your roses in a cool temperature environment (about 70 degrees is optimal), out of direct sunlight, in low-humidity environment. UV-light may cause color bleaching. 

3. DO NOT remove your beautiful roses from the vase in which they have arrived (our signature vase). 

4. Your roses love to be admired but not touched. Do not place anything on top of the roses, as they are very delicate. These come from nature and are sensitive and fragile. 

5. Roses are not edible. Do not ingest.