Letter Writing Guide for Sending Flowers - A Lost Art

Letter Writing Guide for Sending Flowers - A Lost Art

When you are sending flowers, it could be for a multitude of occasions and reasons. You have a message you want to express, but don't quite have the words. Sending gift card messages with roses usually have to be somewhat brief due to the space on card, but still complete the intended message of the occasion. Our cards offer much larger space to be more detailed, which our clients appreciate. We know it's important to get your full message across and we know that a one-liner sometimes isn't enough.

If you are ordering roses online, one thing which seems obvious, but a lot of people forget, is to address the card to the receiver, such as, Dear _________, or To My Beloved_________. If its less personal, then consider simply addressing with just their name.

Sign your name to the card with the proper salutation such as, Love, ________ or Best Regards, ________ depending on what your relationship is to the receiver. If you are sending if from a group, specify that in the greeting card section of your order, such as, Congrats from All of Us at ABC Company. Be very specific with how you want your card to appear. There is nothing more disappointing to a recipient to not know who to thank for this beautiful gift (unless you are a secret admirer, also cool). 

Brighten Someone's Day

When sending flowers, chances are you are intending to bring a smile to someone's day. Keeping your message in the appropriate tone is important:

* For a Birthday or Congratulations, your tone should be over the top with joy. I love birthdays, so don't hold back. Be annoyingly happy. :)

* For Romantic cards, be really expressive. This is your chance to be an old-fashioned, romantic with gusto. Put thought into it. Think Ernest Hemmingway ("I can't say how every time I ever put my arms around you I felt that I was home.") in a no-holds-barred sort of way. It'll never be forgotten. And let me tell you a secret, if it's touching enough, your love will keep it eternally, (even if you break up). But make it so good that they won't be going anywhere. 

* For Sympathy, depending on how close you are, the length may vary. Positive thoughts and memories are appropriate to share. Connection is the key. 

* For Corporate gifts, a more formal, but friendly tone is appropriate.

* For a Thank You gift, be sure to mention the reason for the roses. Be specific of the good deed or purpose of gift. People alway appreciate being recognized. Make sure you're words convey that.  

*For Housewarming, share your joy of their new nest. Perhaps suggest a room for which you think it may be perfectly suited for, which shows even more thoughtfulness. 

*For Retirement, share your joy and recognition of the lifetime of hard work, as well as the new, exciting life ahead. 

*For religious holidays, such as Easter, Passover, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Hanukkah, flowers can be a big part of the holiday. Choose specific messages in line with each holiday is recommended. 

*For No Reason At All, well, this will be a big surprise to your recipient, showing appreciation on a deeper level. It doesn't matter what size arrangement you choose, just saying you are thinking of them will surely be enough.  

See subsequent blog posts for writing samples for specific occasions. Good luck and email our Client Experience professionals for individual assistance in your luxury rose-giving quests. We are happy to help!