5 Easy Ways to Create Long-Lasting Memories on Mother’s Day

5 Easy Ways to Create Long-Lasting Memories on Mother’s Day

You’ve heard all that sappy holiday stuff too often. It makes you want to forget it all and give up. I agree with you, the commercial aspect of holidays is overdone. However, love, at the heart of it, is something to which we all subscribe. Show mom you love her by making her feel special and appreciated. How, you ask? Well, this is where you’ll shine.

  1. Celebrate All The Mom-Like Figures in Your Life

Let me begin by stating that I recognize that not everyone has a mom. Families come in all beautiful shapes, sizes and forms. Recognize who the guiding figure is in your life. You may have a favorite teacher who has taken a special interest in supporting you this year or an Aunt or family friend. If you have more than one caring person in your life, then lucky you. Whoever your mom-like figures are, show them all how much they mean to you.

  1. Craft a Thoughtful Greeting Card Message

Regardless if you make her a card by hand (my fav) or purchase one, sit down well before the day and think about special times you’ve spent together or reasons you are proud of her. Be detailed. In our family, we have family meetings, where we take turns giving each other compliments about recent accomplishments, small and large. It’s kind of like verbal greeting cards, but let me tell you, it’s powerful stuff. Your thoughtfully considered words on paper are a gift mom can revisit for years to come. Added bonus points: make it beautiful. Visit craft store for simple supplies.

  1. Do Something Together

If she is a ‘quality time’ kind of gal, then listen carefully. Have an adventure. Do something new that you haven’t done together before. When I was a kid, we surprised my mom with a picnic day at the park. It was our first time paddleboating, and probably because we did something new and exciting, it is the only Mother’s Day I can remember as a kid. I’ll bet my mom remembers it too. Just don’t take your mom scuba diving if she can’t swim. Make sure whatever adventure you choose, it’s in her wheelhouse of fun. Check discount websites for local deals.

  1. Chores Be Gone

Maybe mom is a busy lady and dreams of a splendid day doing absolutely nothing. Think of the drudgery of chores that are on her plate everyday and take charge. Set up a comfortable relaxation spot for mom with magazines, snacks, drinks, music or an indulgent movie, while you create a task force to lighten the load. Perhaps plan and shop for meals, clean the house, make the beds, do the laundry or wash her car and fill it with gas are just a few suggestions to get you thinking. Give her a mani-pedi while she watches her movie. Secretly check her to-do list for more ideas.

  1. Gifts That Stick Around

You may feel that the day would not be complete without a gift to hand her, a package to unwrap. I totally get it. Since we are focusing on creating unforgettable memories, a gift that is unique and long-lasting for her to enjoy all year would be the goal. Only you know this special lady’s taste, but I can tell you for sure, she going to love it, simply because it’s from you. Think about what she deems as special or a treat. It should be personal and something she will want to use or proudly display to remember how special you are to her. Isn’t that the point, after all?